A.G. Trailers & Hooks Ltd. manufactures, repairs, leases and tests trailer vehicles, including preparatory work for licensing tests. We also install towing hooks. The company has existed for over 10 years. We own two factories: One is intended for marketing, sales and repairs; the other for the mass production of our trailers. We specialize in all types of trailer vehicles and provide top-quality solutions for any needs pertaining to trailer vehicles and related equipment. Supervised by the Technion, we are authorized by the Transportation Ministry to issue licensing and registration for all new trailer vehicles at the time of purchase!

Many business owners have already discovered how to significantly boost their businesses by means of trailers. These vehicles provide the option of small-scale delivery operations, offering a quick, immediate, easy and convenient way to transport merchandise without unnecessarily wasting time and money. Towing hooks and trailer vehicles allow businesses to transport and deliver goods, products and various other loads on a daily basis, without the need for delivery services, trucks or other transportation facilities 

There are various types of trailer vehicles: open- and closed-top trailers, refrigerated trailers, horse trailers, Jet Ski trailers, ATV trailers, cage trailers, generator trailers, private vehicle trailers, work trailers and more…

The highly-trained staff at A.G Trailers is at your service with professional advice tailored to your needs, budget and type of vehicle, as well as the different types of loads you may wish to transport. While choosing the suitable trailer, we are also able to fit and install a towing hook, allowing you to be on your way safely and begin enjoying a significant upgrade to your business. 

We invite you to browse the most complete and comprehensive catalogue available for trailers and towing hooks, and to provide your business with the perfect solution for your needs.

We carry a permanent stock of dozens of ready-for-sale trailers, as well as a fleet of around 100 trailers for rent.

We invite you to visit our factory – seeing is believing!

 Our address: Yohanan Hasandlar st. Kfar Saba 4442608 Israel

We will be happy to assist, Please contact us:

Tel : 972-50-5500180

Fax : 972-9-7666123

E-mail: 0505500180@walla.com